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전      공 Bachelor of Science in Biology
학      력 Western Institute of Technology
전문분야 TESOL 자격을 가진 3년 경력의 선생님. 또렷한 발음과 목소리로 선생님 말이 귀에 쏙쏙 들어오실거예요.
근무시간 17시 ~ 23시
  • 5.0 그만두시게 되어 많이 아쉽습니다 다음에 다시 하시게되면 만나고 싶습니다
  • 5.0 이해가 되지 않는 부분을 자세히 천천히 알려주시고 발음도 알려주신다
  • 5.0 Thank you ????

Hello there, I am Teacher Nicole.

I am a BS Biology graduate and a licensed professional teacher.

I have a TESOL certificate and last year, I earned my Master TESOL certificate as well.

During my free time, I like cooking, watching KDrama, listening to music, and playing with my dogs.

I have been teaching online ESL for more than five years and I can say I love every minute of it.

One advice I can give you is to have confidence.

At first you might doubt yourself when learning a different language,, but with every session, you will gradually improve as long as you are focused and determined to master the English language.

For the past five years, I've handled diverse students from different countries and I found ways to adjust and cater to their learning needs.

So whether you want to improve on your listening, speaking, writing or reading skills, just tell me because I'll be here to guide you every step of the way.

English is the universal language and if you want to have better career opportunities, or you want to travel abroad --- speaking English is the most common and effective way to communicate with others.

Learning English is indeed challenging but I can guarantee you, it’s very interesting!

I am here to mold you into becoming the best English speaker that you can be.

So go ahead, join me and we'll learn English the fun way.

See you in my class!

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