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전      공 Bachelor's of Science degree in Mass communications
학      력 Bemidji State University
전문분야 TEFL 자격보유, 방콕 국제유치원 선생님으로 근무& 주니어 ESL 티칭을 해오신 밝은 성격이시고 교재에 나오는 문제 외에도 날카로운 질문으로 진행해주셔서 성인수업에도 추천드립니다.
근무시간 7시 ~ 9시, 20시 ~ 22시
  • 5.0 너무 좋았습니다.
  • 5.0 영어를 가르치려는 열정이 좋았습니다!

Hello, my name is Teacher Anna. I come from a whole family of teachers. My mom, my dad, and my sister all work as teachers in Minnesota, where I was born in the United States. However, I am a teacher abroad. I have been teaching ESL online for three years, I've had my TEFL certificate since 2020, and I've worked for a number of online ESL companies. I love getting to travel and teach online. I like taking my students everywhere with me. I've been a private ESL tutor, and I've also worked at larger schools as an international English teacher, and I love teaching online, it is my passion. For me, the best way to learn a language is to immserse yourself. If you can't be in a country that speaks English, you have to listen to lots of English, watch tv, read books, hear podcasts, and then your brain will become used to speaking English. A big mistake I hear in English is people forget to add a subject. "Is hot today"  or "Tastes good." Don't forget you can always put in the word "it" to fix this. "It is hot today." "It tastes good." You need to know what we're talking about. I look forward to seeing you in class and learning more together.

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